Self Healing at Home

lady-bedFar Infrared Rays
: The flexible spa mat is made of special ceramic cells that create a magnetic field in your bathtub. This magnetic energy softens water and helps maintain the water temperature

Ozone – Negative Ions: Spa at Home releases millions of O3 laden bubbles every second, improving the quality of the bath water and surrounding air in the bathroom. This Ozone release in the air and water promotes cell activity and improves the body’s ability to process oxygen.

Ultrasonic Bath : Ultrasonic Waves generate millions of bubbles every minute. As the bubbles continuously collide, ultrasound creates a high frequency energy of 100 000 Hz. These powerful ultrasonic waves relax the entire body, giving you the exercise equivalent of a 3 km jog in just a 15-minute bath.

Internal Warming – Feel the soothing warmth as Ultrasonic Waves drive heat deep into your body, warming your bones, and internal organs and improving your blood circulation

Deep Cleansing – Allow the Ultrasonic waves to cleanse your pours and skin without the harsh irritants of soap

Exercise & Relaxation – Relieve fatigue that rest deeps in your muscle tissue and bones. Experience complete relaxation while the massaging effect helps to burn extra calories.

Total Beauty Care – Feel fully nurtured as the ultrasonic waves and anions penetrate your skin and stimulate your cells. Skin becomes firmer, smoother and more resilient.

Total Body Massage – Enjoy the relaxing sensation of simultaneous massage of at least 320 acupuncture points in your body and total relaxation of your nervous