Remarks From the Founder Colour Vibration Therapy

Professor Dr. Norhisham Wahab was born in Kuala Lumpur on 21 April 1960.

drhimself2He clinically experimented of how flowers give effect to the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical stimulations and their relationship to the human body.
Studies and practices the greatness reality of nature’s creation through the basic of physic science based on the Islamic knowledge concept.

He did research on the world traditional medicine and traditional healers with focus to the practices and tips.
Breaks the nature’s obscure in metaphysic that all the nature’s law and movement are represented by wave measurement that can be measured, evaluated and also can be copied, recorded and utilized back on any reason.

He rearranged a thesis, which based on the cells and energy and obtained an MD (MA) doctorate in 1998 through The Open International University under WHO and United Nation advisory. He was awarded with the Professor title in 2002 after accomplished a thesis entitled Time and Cell.

In 1999, he established the Colour Vibration Therapy after researching and using the light, colour, sound and wave technology and its relation with sickness through hydrotherapy treatment concept.

Introduces ice hydrotherapy treatment as the pioneer sickness treatment in the world.

In 2004, CVT created a new history when it received faculty recognition and incorporated with The Open International University of Complimentary Medicine.