Product Information

Every substance is a kind of object; every object is a form of energy; all energy is a soul and every soul is time. So, we can conclude that every substance has its own (unique) time.

In general, human is now experiencing his life in two kinds of time; those are universe time and personal time. If the mind’s frequency is high, for example during the anxious time, chasing of something etc, so human is controlled by the universe time (live in universe time); if the mind’s frequency is low (delta), like living in a peaceful, patient, sincere and willing life, so human will conquer the personal time (live in personal time) whereby the time will find its Creator’s secret with the peaceful and tranquility life.index.1


CVT’s formula is the most natural and 100% free from chemicals and active ingredients, that bring chemicals reaction and poisons.

They are also free from animals’ based ingredients or active living sources, because active chemical will give severe side effects. It makes CVT change its way by imitating only its frequency that equals to the lights energy and sound vibration frequency in human’s body.

It vibrates at the particular colour frequency to form the balancing immediately to the problem parts (not balance) to each body’s level.

CVT with the capturing, copying and recording technology multiple waves like flowers, crystals, fruits, and herbs, are recorded with 7 kinds of aroma pad oil (Essential Oil) which known as Formula Aromatherapy Vibration and is capable to neutralize multiple of acidity, poison, and disease through various of vibrations form with certain frequency.

CVT with the energy capturing technology using the balancing concept is using small, stable and consistent energy until it couldn’t measure speed that is lower than 6 Hertz of in a very natural form of energy.

The CVT products with the suggested price are as follows. Please get the advice and further details from CVT practitioners or us.