Hands muscle reaction test diagnosis method (kinesiology) that is being practiced by CVT in detecting and looking for weaknesses or sickness source is the most practical way in getting the answer through reflection, where the energy’s point will be answered through the internal sub-conscious interaction. The answers are not given through the conscious mind.

The sub-conscious mind is powered at the ANS part or small brain (cerebellum) and is signaled at the crossing spinal nerve, which directly go to the sub-conscious controlling centre. The answers will produce free result from the basic limited logical mind.

This kinesiology is actually reflecting the limited voice that gives release reaction (intention) and stopper reaction (hands muscles) without being encroached by the foreign elements. Instinct is the inspiration, which comes directly from the Almighty. The instinct whispers will be tested with 2 choices, those are listening with the inspiration or we follow the lust, which direct to the wrong way and will end with regretful and not grateful.

Therefore, this kinesiology method is the full surrender to the Almighty concept in the effort of identifying the source of the problem experienced by the patient. It is not a magic power or using certain practices.

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