• Sickness is a form of energy.
  • Energy can be transferred, changed or replaced but it can’t be altered.
  • Virus, bacteria or poisoning effect and reaction in the body is actually complex ‘god’s’ jobs.
  • The current and previous medical concept is inclined to the alteration or destruction of the energy itself.
  • CVT treatment is to search the infected cells or organs balancing point and retain its source energy.
  • CVT is emphasizing the time factor as a basic to any kind of sickness

For those who can control their minds, sickness can be defined as an appearing or existing through its eyes and brains, and could feel its painfulness.

SICKNESS DEFINITIONHowever, the sickness feeling actually exists from none to the real sickness. It is obvious that the sickness will appear on fixed time and when it’ll be gone and continued will also commensurate with time.

CVT states that anything thta is defined as sickness doesn’t has anything that being called ‘medicine’. Medicine that always being mentioned and taken acts only as a temporary stimulant and sickness defender only.

For example, chronic sickness like cancer has actually no cure except for a method of expelling, changing and destroying the cells which is an exaggerated alteration of The Creator’s job that will raise a prolong confusing memory and DNA programming. Besides that, the extra positive ions from all resources especially from food are actually become the source of sickness and have to be rebalanced.

Human’s creation is actually a miracle. AlQuran states that human is created with perfection. The human’s body system and its organs functions as a remote control that has wave transmitter and receiver. Energy’s transmitter is determined by The Creator who arranges every phenomenon like the sun and the moon, while human acts as a certain signal receiver through lights and colours by using his senses.

Therefore, there must be a source of energy in the human body that can act as a battery or energy resource to receive the signal. The ‘battery’ can be said as nickel radioactive isotope, which generates electricity in a low frequency that could function for 50 years or more depending on the maintenance.

As understood, ‘battery’ in human body needs to be energized with water, which has high ionic feature with appropriate PH, which is 8.5, or above, and to be refined for higher absorption rate.

CVT formula is a healer, not a medicine that only surrounds on the signal’s accuracy to the body’s control system. Through the neurotransmitter system, it will return the cells vibration to its original balance, enzyme and hormone will be taken out so, the original energy will be returned back. Even, the healer is actually exists in every human body himself.

However, the soul purity factors have to be included as the time that formed the accuracy and the vibration called “amplitude” or makshnum. The purity factors are silence, patience, sincerity and undivided willingness or gratefulness to the Creator of the sickness. Every individual has to control all the qualities in him, which means the control of his mind and spiritual accordingly to the time.

Calmness factor also influence the taking of particular healer because on that time the target parts are prepared to receive the frequency signal at low range. On contrary, if the body is working or after taking food, the body system is actually confuse on its function, therefore, when the healer is taken the frequency at the time has turned to high range where the possibility of obvious demolition and reaction will appear.

The purity soul factor is actually a form of energy, which is also termed as time to every individual. Time is actually the ‘soul’ that suppose to exist at certain consistent rate without any shortcoming which will create sickness.

Time is actually an absolute right of every human as The Creator’ secret, while the physical as an object with all the atoms is the Creator’s right, it had been fixed created and cannot be altered or exchanged with other humans.

Time as a secret of speed can exist in any space, even sparks by an intention when it is equals to the object, which will create ‘resonans’ and amplitude situation as the real healer at that time.

duadua1CVT scrutinized the time’s secret and found the ultimate energy which equals to the time energy in human from the flowers as a healer which is able to create a consistent situation to cure sickness.

The energy from the flowers could be seen from the flower, which is measured as light wave in nanometer unit before changing it to vibration in Hertz unit or a second of time. This energy is recorded back to the flowers’ pad (aromadieraphy vibration) or Natural Wave (NW) formula and are arranged accordingly to human’s body organ.

This energy is found consistent, even in longer time, therefore, is suitable to be taken as the fastest way to heal sickness with the condition that it must be taken consistently and at the right time. It is obvious that the healer that being produced by CVT is the healer in the time’s secret.

Therefore, human beings should obviously realize that the sickness rate in himself, his family, community, nation and the whole world is increasing caused by the absence of the most holy, save and effective healer.

Don’t be confused with all the medical answers and results that we receive everyday whenever relating it with the process of organ transplanting, cells destruction etc. Before our time is taken and our body will be returned to its place at the fixed time.