Amazing Discovery Of Ozone-Hydrotherapy Ice Treatment “Globally First Ever”

Hydrotherapy Ice that being practiced by CVT is actually based on the traditional practice like floral bath, which has been practiced by the medical practitioner since ages of time.

Conceptualized on Islamic knowledge that based on Science Physic we have updated the method to be more practical and scientific. The main substances used to double the flowers is the CVT’s special formulated flower pad oil which has been treated with modern and scientific method which known as Aromatherapy Vibration or Seri Wajah.

xpyaromaThey are not only the chosen flowers / plants extract formula but also combined with the light speed concept and sound vibration to give stability and balancing to the human’s body cell. By creating infrasonic vibration in the frequency range below than 20Hz, the body’s immunization system could be increased for the spiritual, emotion, mental, and physical balance.

The CVT’s therapeutic approach through Hydrotherapy Ice in this sickness treatment includes the stimulating and balancing of all the senses simultaneously starting from the lowest stage to the spiritual disturbance stage and the recombination of the safest and natural vital.

The Basic Therapy in the Hydrotherapy Ice is using the basic ingredients like ice, water, salt, flower, lime and lemon (Tea tree). Every used ingredient has its natural specialty, which can’t be created or altered by human being. The strength of using these basic ingredients as treatment medium is that, they are very effective for stimulant reaction with the influence of environment.

Using the natural ingredients as the basic medium in the treatment will give effect or reaction to the energy elements that exist in our imbalance body situation. For those who are clean from any form of pollution, it is found that the immune system and antibody inside the body will not give any reaction to the basic ingredients used.

Only if a patient experiences the serious poisoning from the imbalance diet or consumption of various kinds of medicine, the long relief will give very fast reaction as acceptance to this basic therapy.

The side reaction is a positive situation and is temporarily exist until all forms of poisons and alien ingredients are balanced and the body system could run its original function as usual. Taking the relieving medicine will weaken the immune system in the long run, and cells activity is no longer effective in identifying and resisting poisons.